LifeKey simplifies the healthcare process by putting people firmly in control of their health journey.

Our Technology & Security Highlights

More than 1 billion health records worldwide are managed using the technology ( InterSystems IRIS for Health™) that LifeKey uses for its users’ Personal Electronic Health Records. That technology is also connecting thousands of disparate health information sources to achieve meaningful clinical utility and interoperability.

LifeKey enables its users to import, store and save all their Health records using the most secure way to manage their health records.

LifeKey platform requires double ID verification from patients and authorized healthcare professionals, before allowing them to access any information.

InterSystems IRIS for Health™ is a comprehensive, cloud-first digital health development platform that provides all the building blocks needed to work with any healthcare data standard, including HL7® FHIR®.

InterSystems IRIS for Health is used by leading independent software vendors and healthcare organizations, the largest clinical laboratories, and the largest regional health information networks. It is an extension of the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform used by Epic to support healthcare organizations whose systems count 2.5 million concurrent users, processing roughly 1.8 billion database accesses per second across all Epic customers.

As an optional feature LifeKey users are able to use Digital Decentralized Identity, which is a type of identity management that allows people to control their own digital identity without depending on a specific service provider.

Decentralized identity promises a complete restructuring of the currently centralized physical and digital identity ecosystem into a much safer, decentralized and democratized architecture.