LifeKey simplifies the healthcare process by putting people firmly in control of their health journey.

Hospitals and Health Organizations

For those organizations that do not have the tools to share health data with patients, LifeKey will bring interoperability by creating on-premise hospital local Smart Data Lake to centralize their patients’ data from the different hospital departments, and to be able to digitally export it to the patients’ personal repositories in LifeKey.

Smart Data Lake for hospitals

Smart Data Lake is made up of connectors, pipes and a repository, which contain all an organization’s unstructured data retrieved from disparate sources and multiple healthcare IT systems (e.g. hospital departments, EHR, CRM, claims data, clinical data) for immediate or future use. Smart Data Lake provides internal and external interoperability.

Smart Data Lake has the ability to process data, clean it, harmonize it and structure it for:

  • Strategic BI analysis based on predefined business needs
  • ML and AI processes for predictive analytics and other purposes.


Smart Data Lake is designed with healthcare compliance in mind, ensuring that healthcare organizations comply with regulatory requirements and maintain the security of patient data.