LifeKey simplifies the healthcare process by putting people firmly in control of their health journey.



LifeKey represents a comprehensive and precise summary of a person’s medical history, readily accessible to the patient at all times. It enables individuals to share their health records, whether partially or in full.



LifeKey is designed to empower patients by placing them at the helm of their medical data. LifeKey aims to put patients in command of their medical data, ensuring they are the primary custodians of their most current health information.



LifeKey is at the forefront of enabling individuals to actively manage their health. By transforming interactions and information access between healthcare stakeholders and patients, LifeKey eliminates existing barriers and complexities in care coordination, streamlining the process for all involved.


And access

LifeKey is revolutionizing personal health management by changing how patients and healthcare providers interact and access information.



LifeKey is a Personal Electronic Health Record (PEHR) repository, collecting, organizing, and securely storing health data and other patient care-related information, with ownership resting solely in the hands of the patient. It empowers its users to possess and control their health data, allowing them to decide who has the rights to access it.

How is Health Data collected?

LifeKey has the ability to use its technology and APIs to connect hospitals, laboratories and other sources, and import patients’ health record data into their own Personal repositories (complying with GDPR and HIPPA), unifying the different protocols into FIHR/HL7.


LifeKey will be offering its users the following additional services, among others :

Personal Predictive analytics services, Genomic diagnosis, second opinion, wellness and educational content.